Saturday, April 18, 2009

Best Manager:
* Manager for a Internet, cable, telephone company
always wanted to make sure we were doing alright
willing to stand up for her employees

* Worst Manager:
spread too thinly in her responsibilities
too young
didn't care enough about the job

I don't think either manager used any particular style of management. I think that most people do not think of what management style they will use. These two particular managers were working in a situation where they rose to management position because they happened to be working at a place long enough to rise to a management position. I am not really sure what type of management style I would use. I have yet to be in a management position. I have a hard time finding a good balance between being a manager that my team finds to be responsible but at the same time fun and easy going. I feel that it is important for a manager to be relaxed in certain situations so that those being managed feel that they can come to their manager for anything but at the same time a manager must be seen as responsible and as an authority figure.

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  1. Being a manager is not something that happens. If you accept such position you have to act professionally and have a plan and a strategy. Studying in a preservation management program indicates that you will be a manager, want to be a manager at some point. However, it is not unusual that people that are not trained as managers are kind of forced to it because they reach a point in which either they take the administrative position or they don't get a raise.